FW43 will be an evolution of Williams’ 2019 car

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Williams’ Senior Race Engineer Dave Robson says the team’s 2020 car is already under development and adds its design will be an evolution of the struggling FW42.

Despite the worst start to a Formula 1 season in the team’s history, Robson believes the design of their 2019 car is a good foundation to build on.

“I think so. It’s nice when the rules are stable over a year or two, and you can learn for the future, which we’ve done with a few things.

“I’m not sure that there’s anything massively, fundamentally wrong. I think we’re just behind the curve in the development line.

“We know we took a different approach. Last year we felt we’d reached the limit of the concept of that car, and so in order to go further forwards we consciously came back a bit, and it’s taken longer than we hoped to get back up and beyond where we were.”

Furthermore, Robson confirms that the development of the 2020 car is already underway and uses the FW42 as a basis.

“There are always new things to learn and to try and do research on for next year. The design of next year’s car is already well under way, so the main architecture is already being laid out.

“In many ways it will be an evolution of this car as we take advantage of the rules being fairly stable. Part of our job for the rest of this year is to make sure we learn everything we can to help out for next year.”

In 2019 the FIA introduced several aero rule changes, but Robson doesn’t think it hindered Williams any more than it did other teams.

“We’re nine races in and it’s not like the whole field has tended to the same solution yet, which is quite unusual. People out there have different ways of tackling it.

“We started looking at it way back at the Hungary test last year, and thought we’d made progress then, and thought we’d actually got a little bit ahead of the game on that. Work is still ongoing in the tunnel as to whether we did go down the right avenue.

“As I say, everyone seems to have stuck largely with the philosophy they launched with and have evolved rather than taken a big step change. I think the jury is probably still out.”

Finally Robson confirms updates for the FW42 are coming in the next few races.

“There are things very much in the pipeline.

“We’re pushing to get things for the next couple of races, and I think we’ll see some changes on the car for Silverstone, with the bulk of it to follow in the two races after that.

“It will be tight, as everything always is in F1,” concluded Robson.

Source: motorsport.com

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