George Russell to do testing for Mercedes

George Russell, a Mercedes junior driver, will complete three days of testing for the German manufacturer. The testing will be done in addition to his scheduled testing for Williams.

The Briton will drive for Williams on Tuesday morning at the post-season Abu Dhabi Formula 1 2020 tyre test and he will then switch to Mercedes for Wednesday’s runs. He will then return to Abu Dhabi the week after for two days of 2021 tyre testing in a Mercedes mule car.

Mercedes’ team principal Toto Wolff says Russell, who hasn’t been feeling well the last couple of days, doesn’t have to prove anything to the team, as they are already aware of his qualities as a race car driver.

“I’ve said to George, who was not 100% these last days, this test is not benchmarking him,” Wolff said.

“Because we are absolutely certain that he has the qualities of a potential future Mercedes driver.

“He has the raw speed, he has the talent, he has the intelligence.

“There is a reason why he’s won F3 and F2 as a rookie. That hasn’t been done many times before. And he has a flawless record in F1.

“It is more about the experience. So there’s nothing to prove during the during these upcoming tests.

“George is under contract with Williams and we will always honour all contracts because they have given him the chance to step into F1.

“Probably if he does the test it will just confirm what we anyway know.”

Russell also ran for Mercedes in the post-race Bahrain test back in March.

“My health concerns were in my mind not only for this weekend but for next week, when I will be driving their car,” Russell said.

“But they’re not going to judge me based off one test.

“I’m there to do a job, I’m there to give them data, I’m there to learn as much as I can and bring back the experience I have in that car for the guys back here, and when I did it in Bahrain it was hugely beneficial and hopefully it will be the same again.”


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