Hulkenberg “not the right person” for Williams

In an interview with CNN Nico Hulkenberg said he will not be looking to join Williams as he believes he is “not the right person for them right now”. He still remains without a seat for 2020.

The German driver started his Formula 1 career with Williams in 2010. After it was announced Renault would not be retaining his services for 2020, fans and the media speculated about the possibility of him going back to the Grove outfit.

After announcing he will not be in contention for the Williams seat, the German admitted he might be left out of a drive in 2020.

“I would have thought that things would have already moved a bit faster but here we are now in Suzuka and we don’t really have an answer yet,” said Hulkenberg.

“In a way, I feel quite good and relaxed about it. I did what I could. If it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be. You can’t force things.”

“Of course I will be in some racing car again in the future because that’s what I love doing, it’s my passion.

“I think only time will tell what happens,” concluded the German.

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