Kubica has “mixed feelings” about the weekend

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Robert Kubica says he has “mixed feelings” about the Japanese Grand Prix weekend. He asserts there were certain “decisions” made without his knowledge but declines to go into specifics.

Kubica crashed his Williams FW42 in the opening seconds of the Japanese Grand Prix qualifying, which left Williams in a race against time to repair the Pole’s car in time for the race. Post-race Kubica was complimentary of the team and thanked his mechanics for “doing an amazing job, not for the first time this year, as it’s really amazing what they are doing with what we have.”

“I think in a difficult period we all try to do our best and it’s amazing how in such a difficult year they are still able to don’t give up, as we all try to do,” continued the Pole.

However he went on to say he has “mixed feelings about this weekend”.

“We started this morning before getting into the car, so, after a disappointing Russia race there were. decisions taken before qualifying without even letting me know, and I think this is not the right way.”

He would not elaborate on what those decisions were and went on to explain his qualifying crash.

“Unfortunately [in qualifying] I did a mis-evaluation [and] I think it was lack of attention, enough attention, in exit of [the] last corner exiting the lap, but anyway… things were… a bit strange before getting me in the car, and I really didn’t like it.

“I was hoping after a disappointing Russia we would be here everyone to try and do our best and this is what we try and do on Friday, and actually Friday I end up with quite feelings but I think my feelings were probably too good.”

On Friday the team was testing a new front wing that is being developed for 2020, but for qualifying the Pole was fitted with an old front wing that he claimed was used doing pre-season testing in February.

Kubica continued to explain how the team made a change to some unspecified “things” that he was not told about.

“Well conditions were different but [on] Friday something happened which gave me quite a lot of confidence and improved my feeling on the car.

“We agreed on something and then Sunday morning things they changed for whatever reason, I think it was not the decision of people who are here, so yep, I don’t want to go too much to the details.

“I think after Russia, where we were disappointing, and overall, when you have a driver who says for the first time I can drive for very long properly the car and actually I am exploring the car, this is what every team will look to have it, but for whatever reason…”

Motorsport Week claims Kubica is actually talking about the new front wing which he allegedly thought would be used during the whole weekend, but the team decided not to use it.

Source: motorsportweek.com

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