Kubica has no regrets about his F1 return

Photo: Williams F1

Robert Kubica says he doesn’t regret choosing to join Williams as a race driver, but admits even he sometimes forgets what a big achievement his return to Formula 1 was.

Kubica returned to Formula 1 in 2019, after being absent from the sport for eight years due to a horrific rally accident that left his arm permanently injured.

However his return didn’t turn out to be as successful as he would have hoped. Unfortunately Williams’ terrible pace led to both of their drivers being consistently relegated to the back of the field.

“I am not regretting what I decide,” Kubica said.

“Frustration is not a correct word, because in the end it is still better being here than sitting on the sofa and watching Formula 1 on the television.

“Definitely I would be more happy if I was fighting higher up and having less problems.

“But all in all, in these last months, unfortunately this difficult situation puts a lot of shadow on what I achieved and how big [an] achievement it was for me to be back here.

“This is something which I also forget, because Formula 1 is a fast sport and everything happens very fast, so you somehow live day-by-day.

“You forget that in the end I achieved something which I was working on for many years.

“I even had people in Abu Dhabi [after being announced as a 2019 race driver] saying ‘Well, congratulations, big job [done]’. Because the comeback was achieved.

“And I said, ‘Well, the difficult [part] starts now’. My past years were not easy for different reasons, but Formula 1 is a high level sport, which is very, very competitive and very, very tough.

“In very short periods you went from very high to very low [experiences], with the same people, with the same equipment [at BMW/Sauber].

“From one side it cannot really be more difficult, because I have big respect for this sport and I think how difficult it can be to race in Formula 1.

“But definitely it is more complicated.”

What Kubica finds most annoying is the fact that Williams is so far behind other teams in terms of pace, that they can’t expect to close the gap to other teams this season.

“In the past you had up and downs, but you knew that if you manage to sort few things you will be competitive.

“Now we are so far behind, that even if the others they have downs or they have [difficulties], they have so big [a] margin on us, that anyway we are not even in touch with them.

“This is something which probably is most annoying.”

Source: autosport.com

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