Kubica not happy about being called in

Photo: Williams F1

Robert Kubica says he wanted to finish all races this season, but wasn’t able to due to Williams deciding to retire him from the Russian Grand Prix “to conserve parts ahead of the upcoming races”.

The difficult Russian Grand Prix ended prematurely for Williams when George Russell locked up and crashed during the virtual safety car period on lap 27. It is still unknown what caused the lock-up. Immediately following this, on lap 28, Williams called Kubica back into the pits and explained the team decided to retire him so that they can conserve parts ahead of the upcoming races. The Pole says he is not happy about the whole weekend.

“I think it is the worst weekend of my career,” said Kubica.

“And not from a driving point of view. But I think for many reasons this weekend has been very disappointing.”

The Pole was asked about the reasons for this.

“Different reasons. I can only talk about what I feel, what I know.

“After four laps of FP1, I report massive issues that the car characteristics are very strange. It was nearly undriveable.

“If we keep the same things on the car then the margin will not go overnight.

“I don’t need special help. I just need a tool which is working and I think then I can drive well.

“It is painful sometimes but I always try to do the best with what I have.

“I had a secret goal to finish all races and unfortunately I will not achieve this,” concluded Kubica.

Source: Ziggo Sport

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