Kubica: “Now I sleep peacefully”

Photo: Williams F1

Robert Kubica says the 2019 season was positive for him because he achieved his goal of showing that he is “still a Formula 1 driver” despite the permanent injuries to his arm suffered in 2011.

Unfortunately the Pole’s F1 return after and eight year absence wasn’t all he hoped for, especially considering Williams has been the slowest team on the grid. When asked about his Formula 1 stock declining after the poor results, Kubica focused on the positive.

“It doesn’t surprise me,” said the Pole.

“I know this world. But for me it’s only positive.

“It was my goal that people didn’t see me as the driver who almost lost an arm. I wanted to be evaluated like the other drivers, with numbers.

“For me and for Williams, the numbers are not there.

“It was not the year we hoped for. Also because there were other situations to solve apart from the performance.

“But for me there is a lot of positive, which unfortunately is overshadowed by the numbers on the stopwatch.

“I showed that my limitations are more visible outside the car than inside the car.

“Despite all that happened to me and despite the last few years, which were very hard, I am still a Formula 1 driver.

“I no longer think about my limitations. I don’t even remember how I used to drive ten years ago. I have come to accept myself as I am now.

“No one would have bet one Euro that I would be able to take the first corner. Instead, the corners are where I am the best.

“They said that I could not do Monaco, but it was one of the races where I did the best.

“And now I sleep peacefully,” concluded Kubica.

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport

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