Kubica on Williams’ Silverstone updates

Photo: Williams F1

Williams brought an update package to Silverstone and Robert Kubica says it is “vital” for the updates to work as expected so the team can confirm they are going in the right direction.

Williams brought several updates to try out at the British Grand Prix, mainly focusing on airflow around the bargeboards. You can read a more thorough analysis of the update package at Autosport.com.

Robert Kubica says these updates are only the first step to try and bring some performance to the troubled FW42.

“We do have some new parts on the car,” Kubica said.

“I hope, and this is the plan, that this is a first step… we hope they will be working well and they should give us a step forward.

“Although I think it will not be big, it’s still important that they deliver what we’re expecting so in the future when we get other parts we will know what to expect and we’ll build up the confidence, so hopefully we’ll start moving in the right direction.

“It’s good to see some new parts in the car, finally, and hopefully we’ll keep improving this car and adding some downforce which definitely in Formula 1 helps.”

Asked if Williams is now on a path to recovery, the Pole was careful but optimistic.

“I think in Formula 1 everybody is working hard and bringing improvements on the car. For us it’s hopefully a start.

“As I said it’s not massive, I would say, so we shouldn’t really be expecting big improvements but it will be very vital and important to see the new parts are delivering what we are expecting.

“For sure in the future [this means] we will know we are on the right track and hopefully step by step we will keep improving the car,” concluded the Pole.

Source: motorsportweek.com

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