Kubica says US GP was “worse than bad”

Photo: Williams F1

Robert Kubica was forced to retire from the United States Grand Prix on lap 31, due to a hydraulic failure. After getting out of the car, the Pole said he was “struggling for grip” the whole time.

“We had to retire the car, I’m 99 percent sure it’s a hydraulic issue but we have to investigate deeper,” said Kubica.

“Let’s put it this way, unfortunately it’s always not nice to retire but I think we are not missing a lot.

“I would say it was pretty bad, or even worse than bad. I just struggled with grip.

“The Friday long run was not bad, but in the race it was terrible.

“It was a bit more difficult with the bumps with a bit more fuel load in the car and especially the opening laps when the tyre pressures are quite low, you get some kicks. Especially Turn 2 was pretty bad.

“I think with better cars they were not affected so much, but we were really affected in the first few laps.”

However the Pole has already turned his head toward the Brazilian Grand Prix.

“As always we’ll try and do our best and we need to try and finish this difficult year as best we can.

“I’m looking forward to driving in Brazil, which is a nice track, and hopefully the car will be better there,” concluded Kubica.

Source: formula1.com

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