Kubica talks about his future in Formula 1

Photo: Williams F1

Robert Kubica says his future in Formula 1 doesn’t depend only on him and adds it’s still too early to seriously consider his next move. However he doesn’t rule out leaving Williams.

2019 has not been kind to Kubica so far. He has been struggling with the uncompetitive FW42 in the first seven races of the season, which led to him consistently finishing at the back of the grid. Now the Pole says his next move will depend on the opportunities that present themselves.

“What will happen to me next year does not depend only on me,” said Kubica.

“We will see what opportunities appear and what I want to do. I do not see any question marks, but there may be some compromises if it is not possible to bring the expected performance.

“I am not saying that this is the case now, but this situation may happen.

“At this point, I’m not focused on the future. I have lived my life, some things I’ve done better, some things worse, but it’s not like I’m not going to go on.

“It’s too early in the season to say more except that not everything depends on me,” concluded the Pole.

Source: Wirtualna Polska

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