Kubica: “There is no magic”

Photo: Williams F1

Robert Kubica had a “very difficult” weekend at the Canadian Grand Prix. The Pole says he struggled with the car’s handling since qualifying and race conditions only made the problems worse.

“Unfortunately there is no magic,” Kubica said.

“[Qualifying] was already difficult with handling and generally I have no grip.

“So [in the race] with high fuel and track conditions hotter, and longer stints, it was even more difficult.

“I was pointing the steering wheel and the car was turning without really turning the steering wheel. I don’t know what to say honestly. It was very difficult to keep it on track.

“Just overall grip is missing. I honestly don’t know what to say.”

At the beginning of the race Kubica managed to overtake his team-mate George Russell, but soon fell behind.

“Well yes [I had a] small fight.

“I overtook him into Turn 1, he got me on the straight line, but already on lap one I arrived at Turn 6 and Turn 8 with the rear just sideways before even turning the car so it was difficult.”

Source: motorsportweek.com

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