Kubica to race with an “old” front wing

Photo: Williams F1

Robert Kubica says he will be racing at the Japanese Grand Prix with a front wing that was used during pre-season testing. He was testing a new “experimental” front wing during free practice.

Williams acknowledged it has a problem with spare parts after they decided to retire Robert Kubica at the Russian Grand Prix “to conserve parts ahead of the upcoming races”. This prompted Williams’ and Kubica’s sponsor Polish oil company PKN Orlen to officially seek an explanation for the decision from the team. When asked about the request the Pole would not elaborate and just said  “You should ask them”.

The team decided to test a new “experimental” front wing at Suzuka, but Kubica clarified it will only be used on Friday.

“The front wing that I will use in the race was used during winter testing in Barcelona,” Kubica said.

The Pole also talked about the spare parts shortage at Williams.

“George (Russell) and I avoided doing stupid things throughout the season, which allowed us to hide the problem for a long time.

“Unfortunately, Singapore and Russia showed everyone that the team is not ready for what is called ‘racing risks’.

“Nothing unusual happened – we lost a few front wings, but that can always happen,” concluded Kubica.

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