Kubica: “We are not in an easy situation”

Photo: Williams F1

After the Russian Grand Prix Robert Kubica said he doesn’t understand Williams’ decision to retire him from the race to “conserve parts”. He also implied he could say a lot more but opted not to.

Kubica was retired on lap 28 after his team-mate George Russell crashed into a wall just a lap earlier.

“I don’t understand that decision,” said the Pole.

“My goal was to finish all the races. I don’t understand the decision, I could stay out on the track.”

“It’s my worst weekend in F1. Finishing all races was my main goal. Unfortunately, I won’t achieve it.

“I could say something, but it might be wrong, so better not to say anything.

“We are not in an easy situation and Japan is around the corner.” concluded Kubica.

Source: Eleven F1

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