Latifi looking to enter Formula 1 in 2020


Williams Reserve Driver Nicholas Latifi says he is looking to join Formula 1 immediately after winning the Formula 2 title. At the moment he is leading the 2019 F2 championship.

However the championship is not in the bag, so his priority is F2 at the moment.

“Of course my goal is to get into Formula 1,” said Latifi.

“But my programme this year is focused on Formula 2. That is my priority.

“I have to concentrate on maintaining my current form there and winning the championship. If I do that, I think I will find myself in a good position to go to Formula 1 next year.

Asked if he had any talks with Williams about getting a driving position with the team, the Canadian says there have been no talks as of yet.

“Honestly, not yet. The season has just begun and a lot can happen.

“But if you look at the past, and those who won the Formula 2 and GP2 titles, I think most of them found themselves in Formula 1.

“From my point of view, if I win the championship, then my goal is an immediate transition to Formula 1.”

Latifi is currently driving the FW42 at the Barcelona in-season test. You can find day 1 times and comments from Latifi and the team here.

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