Latifi says he’s “ready to make the step up” to F1

Photo: Williams F1

Williams’ 2020 driver Nicholas Latifi says he started his motorsport career relatively late, but right now feels “the most prepared and ready” that he’s ever been to make a step up into Formula 1.

The 24-year-old started in karting at age 13, which is considered late in today’s day and age. Most recently he’s raced in Formula 2 for four years and finished the 2019 season as runner-up.

“For sure I think if I had gone into Formula 1 two or three years ago, I wouldn’t have felt as ready and prepared as I do now,” said the Canadian.

“A lot of people don’t realise that I started racing quite late in terms of karting, so my motorsport age, I only started racing karts at 13 years old, compared to guys like, in extreme cases, Verstappen, Esteban, I think they both had a kart at four years old.

“When you take that into consideration from when I started to when I’m in F1, it’s about 12 years.

“It’s the same for a guy like Max, [who joined F1 when he was] 17 years old, 13 years from when he started driver. It’s about right, let’s say.

“Compared to the more recent rookies, I’m definitely on the older side, but in terms of my experience level in motorsport, I think it’s right for me.

“I feel the most prepared and ready that I’ve ever been, and ready to make the step up,” concluded Latifi.


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