Lewis Hamilton pays tribute to Robert Kubica

Photo: Glenn Dunbar/Williams F1

Five-time world champion Lewis Hamilton paid tribute to Robert Kubica following the Pole’s announcement that he will be leaving Williams after 2019.

“I have known Robert probably the longest, we started racing in go karts in 1997? 1998? For me, Robert is one of the most talent drivers that I have competed against,” said Hamilton.

“From the beginning I saw the talent that he had and naturally when you get to Formula 1 it has been a long time. He is quite old now! But it is still there.

“What is really remarkable is his strength and determination he has shown, particularly through the incident that he had, not a lot of people can come from those circumstances and come back and make it back into the sport and deliver against others who don’t have the same situation that he has been in.

“I think it has been great to have him back and it is not the same scenario that he had before when he was in a more competitive team back in the day, but I think he has done great this year,” concluded the Briton.

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