Nissany hopes to land a 2020 Williams role

Photo: Williams F1

After his first official Formula 1 outing at the Abu Dhabi post-season tyre test with Williams, Roy Nissany says he hopes to have an official role with the team during the 2020 season.

It came as a bit of a surprise when Williams announced a relatively unknown Israeli driver was set to participate in the Abu Dhabi post-season tyre test. The 25-year-old competed in Formula 2 in 2017, but had to bow out of the 2018 season due to an injury. His outing with Williams, however, was not the first time he drove a Formula 1 car, as he had an opportunity to drive a Sauber a few years ago in a private arrangement. Now Nissany says he hopes his test with Williams will lead to a formal role with the team.

“It was an opportunity which came earlier this year, after an injury that I had during 2019,” Nissany said.

“It was the reason I didn’t race Formula 2. And my management could get us the right support and got the connection to Williams allowed me this opportunity, this huge opportunity, and it was a great experience.

“I hope it will open my door into the Formula 1 world.

“I definitely hope [for a larger 2020 role], that’s the aim, and my management team is working hard on it and now it depends if my, I assume that if my performance, and my performance in the team was good enough and I met the expectations, hopefully, yes.”

Nissany, who was 3.7s slower than Nicholas Latifi’s best time, went on to explain how he felt in the FW42 for the first time.

“It took me something like three, four to five laps to be confident, to start pushing, to have the right late braking points, flat corners, fast corners in the right speed and surprisingly it was quite early, very early.

“I was happy with that. And we are already there, already in the right speed in the right place,” concluded the Israeli driver.


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