Robert Kubica comments on leaving Williams

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Following the announcement that Robert Kubica will be leaving Williams at the end of 2019, the Pole talked about his decision at the FIA Thursday press conference.

It has been speculated in the media for some time that Robert Kubica will not be continuing with the team beyond 2019. Furthermore, during the Italian Grand Prix weekend rumors came out that Williams already has a deal in place for their reserve driver Nicholas Latifi to take over from the Pole in 2020.

Kubica’s future in Formula 1 and beyond remains a question.

“I am looking for different opportunities,” said the Pole.

“In order to evaluate our opportunities, I have taken the decision that I will not continue more with Williams after this year, so I will stop at end of the year with the team, which is a decision I took and this opens up opportunities for me in the future in different scenarios.

“And now I will evaluate what is possible.”

Kubica confirmed he would like to remain in Formula 1.

“I always say it took a lot of energy [to return], a lot of time for me to recover, to come back to the sport.

“Since I joined F1, I would like to stay [beyond 2019]. I said this year it would be a goal to remain in F1 but, of course, my answer will be yes.

“But not for every cost, and I think I have to, first of all, do what will bring me back a bit of joy of racing.

“Of course this season has been very tough from a performance point of view, but it has been very demanding.

“Being back in F1 after [a] long time [away] is not easy, especially when you are in a difficult situation like we are.

“But still, nevertheless, I have to thank the team for the opportunity and will see what the future will bring.”

The Pole went on to say the decision to leave the team was his alone.

“It was my decision.

“Of course I know there are some consequences which then Orlen follows my decision, but this is a completely different topic. It has been only purely my decision.”

In regards to his role in 2020, the Pole is convinced he will be racing, be it Formula 1 or another series.

“Regarding a simulator role, I don’t want to go too much into the details but as I said I will evaluate different opportunities.

“I will be very surprised if I will be doing only simulator and will be very surprised if I am not racing next year.”

Kubica’s backer and current Williams sponsor Polish oil company PKN Orlen also commented on Robert’s future beyond 2019.

“PKN ORLEN’s presence in Formula 1 has produced tangible benefits for our image and business,” said Orlen CEO Daniel Obajtek.

“When we first began cooperation with Robert, we declared that we would stand by him regardless of circumstances, which is why he will remain a member of the ORLEN Team.

“At present, together with Robert we are considering various scenarios for the next season to choose the one most favourable to both parties.

“Our intention is to remain in Formula 1, reinforcing international recognition of the ORLEN brand, especially in those markets where we operate our retail network.”

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