Russell and Kubica comment on quali ‘fight’

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George Russell says he is “proud” of finishing all 2019 qualifying sessions ahead of his team-mate Robert Kubica, while the Pole concedes he lost the quali “fight”, but ‘won the championship’.

Russell finished ahead of his team mate in all 21 qualifying sessions this year. While the Briton doesn’t celebrate this as a big success, he does say he is “proud” of this result.

“It was never my goal,” said Russell

“We both realised quite early that we are only fighting each other, so I do have some satisfaction with this statistic. I’m proud of it.

“It isn’t as easy as some people think. Often in Q1 you get one lap at the end of the session, and one mistake can change everything.”

Kubica however managed to score Williams only point this season in Germany, after both Alfa Romeo drivers got penalized.

“There isn’t much to say,” started Kubica.

“It’s hard to call it a fight when it is for last place, but if you want to call it a fight, I lost it.

“But if you look at the championship, I won it.”

“It’s a joke. Sarcastic answer,” Kubica went on to explain.

“What I’m saying is you can take from it what you want.

“I think it wasn’t easy for either of us. George did a great job and I often had big problems – here was the only practice session in which I felt comfortable in one respect.

“In the end it doesn’t really matter. When you have such a difficult year, it doesn’t change much if you’re 18th or 20th.

“What counts is your feeling and personal evaluation of what you did and what you could have done better, which is difficult to do now because overall the season was quite negative.”

The championship, however, is still not decided, as we are getting ready for the final race of the season – the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix!

Source: Przeglad Sportowy

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