Russell believes FW42 can be improved

Photo: Williams F1

George Russell says Williams’ car still doesn’t feel very good, but he thinks it can be optimized further. The Briton adds he thinks the team is going in the right direction.

Asked if he thinks the team can improve its performance by the end of the season, Russell was positive.

“I think so yeah,” Russell said.

“The car is not where we want to be. But it’s not like we’re three seconds off the pace and the car feels great.

“The car doesn’t feel good, so there’s hope that if we improve that balance feeling, make it more driveable for myself and Robert then the performance should come.”

Although the FW42’s pace seemed improved in the Spanish Grand Prix qualifying, during the race the car was its usual uncompetitive self.

“It was a standard Grand Prix for us. Our race pace was probably slower than the qualifying pace, so that is something for us to look at.

“It has been an intriguing weekend for us. We have brought some test items and got some decent information from those.

“I think we are going in the right direction,” concluded Russell.


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