Russell notes Williams’ “braking issue”

Photo: Williams F1

George Russell says Williams has been struggling with “a bit of a braking issue” for several races. He adds solving this issue could have a positive impact on the team’s race pace.

“We’ve been having a bit of a braking issue for a number of events now,” said Russell.

“It was particularly bad in the race, so you know, when you’re almost braking into every corner you have no confidence on the brakes, means you have no confidence to attack the corner, that was compromising my pace.

“It’s just consistency, some laps it’s working well and others it’s not. So, we need to look into the data and understand why.

The Briton goes on to explain this issue is a bigger problem in the race than in qualifying.

“When you’ve got one single lap, you can sort of make a bit of a difference,” said Russell.

“When it’s a longer run it sort of evens itself out. With issues like that, obviously I’m doing that 60 laps in a row, rather than one-time.

“Over one lap you can put balls to the wall and hope for the best.”


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