Russell on new ‘rookie drivers rule’

Photo: Williams F1

George Russell says that the potential new 2021 rule requiring teams to run a rookie driver in two of their Friday free practice sessions will do more harm than good to young drivers.

The new rule would require teams to run a driver who had no more than two grand prix under his belt.

“I think it’s a great idea to try and give more track time to rookie drivers,” said Russell.

“But personally I think [this approach] is not a good idea.

“Going in for an FP1 session, doing 20 laps, these young drivers are going to come in and try to prove what they have. You just can’t do it without good experience.

“So if anything it’s going to drivers’ careers more harm than do them good.

“I was reserve driver for Mercedes last year so I knew what it’s like to go to a number of races, that’s probably the most fatiguing part of it,” concluded Russell.


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