Russell says Williams is improving rapidly

Photo: Williams F1

George Russell says Williams is seeing improvements in the wind tunnel, after a hard 2019 season. The Briton says the team will be ‘fully involved in the fight’ next year if other team don’t improve their performance.

Russell says the team had to start from square one again, after they realized how uncompetitive their car was.

“The team has completely reset the aerodynamics philosophy,” said the British driver.

“We had to take that blow to lay the foundation back and build everything from there. We were not surprised by the position we were in once the season started.

“We were hoping that the recovery would go faster, but it took longer to lay the foundation than expected.”

But now Russell says Williams is showing significant improvements.

“We can really see that in the wind tunnel with the downforce we had at the beginning of the year and what we have now. We also know what we will get next year.

“The only thing is that we don’t know to what extent the rest is better but I can already tell you that if the rest don’t improve, we’ll be fully involved in that fight again,” concluded the Briton.


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