Williams is “lucky” to have Russell and Latifi

Photo: Williams F1

Williams’ Deputy Team Principal Claire Williams says the team is “lucky” to have a driver line-up of George Russell and Nicholas Latifi, who both “understand the importance” of being team players.

Williams enters 2020 with George Russell, who returns for his second season with the team, and Nicholas Latifi, who prepares to make his Formula 1 debut. Claire Williams doesn’t hide her happiness with this driver line-up.

“We know that George has talent, and it hasn’t been in any way a detriment to us putting George in as a rookie this year,” said Williams.

“In fact, it’s been probably one of the best decisions that we’ve made over a handful of years.

“I don’t think it is a distraction in any way that we have two younger drivers in the car, because we know what they’re both capable of.”

“When you are a team that isn’t necessarily doing so well, you have to consider the personalities of the drivers a whole lot more than maybe you would otherwise.

“George and Nicholas have the type of personalities that we’re looking for, that truly understand the importance of playing their role in the development of the team and motivating the team and inspiring the team. I think we’re very lucky that we’ve got two drivers that can do that.

“It’s always the case that with a rookie, which Nicholas will be next year, it’s going to take him a couple of races to get his head around things.

“But we know that he’s a quick study, and that he’s going to be there pretty quickly,” concluded Williams.

Source: crash.net

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