Williams to be ‘in a good position’ soon

Photo: Williams F1

George Russell says Williams’ poor pace is allowing the team to test “double or triple” the amount of parts compared to their rivals and expects improved results in “a couple of races time”.

Williams had a difficult start to the 2019 season as they found themselves far off the pace of other teams. Russell says this allows the them to put less effort into their race-by-race results and focus on the long-term development on the car.

“I think you’ve always got to find a positive in every situation,” Russell said.

“The fact we’re not fighting for anything… we’ve got to try and make the most of this difficult situation by testing a lot of different things.

“We’re probably testing double or triple the amount compared to every other team.

“They can’t afford or risk to do that as they have to maximise every single session and every lap, whereas we can maximise things that will help us in the long term.”

While Williams is focusing on a more comprehensive upgrade later in the season, there were some revisions done to the FW42 at the Canadian Grand Prix, not the least of which is a modified suspension.

“We brought some test items to the car and it’s improved the drivability and the balance of the car.

“The car is feeling relatively good, just not quick enough, whereas previously the car wasn’t feeling good and we weren’t quick enough.

“So we’ve made one step, and hopefully now when we start putting more downforce on the car in a couple of races time we should be in a good position.”

Source: motorsportweek.com

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