Racing History and Results

Photo: Sam Bloxham/Williams F1

Williams Grad Prix Engineering has been racing in the FIA Formula 1 Championship since 1977. In its first season Williams entered a custom March 761 chassis and therefore did not participate in the Constructors’ Championship. Next year, in 1978, Williams built its first chassis, the FW06, and entered the championship as a constructor.

What follows is the complete Williams Grand Prix Engineering’s F1 racing history. By clicking on each year you can find detailed season information and results. Years where the team and its drivers won the Drivers’ or Constructors’ Championships are marked with a trophy icon. Two trophy icons indicate the winning of both the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships. Enjoy exploring Williams’ storied racing history!

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SeasonRacing asChassisEngineDriverWDCWCC
2018Williams Martini RacingFW41Mercedes EQ Power+ V6 TurboLance Stroll18th10th
Sergey Sirotkin20th
2017Williams Martini RacingFW40Mercedes EQ Power+ V6 TurboFelipe Massa11th5th
Lance Stroll12th
Paul di RestaN/A
2016Williams Martini RacingFW38Mercedes Hybrid V6 Turbo Valtteri Bottas8th5th
Felipe Massa11th
2015Williams Martini RacingFW37Mercedes Hybrid V6 TurboValtteri Bottas5th3rd
Felipe Massa6th
2014Williams Martini RacingFW36Mercedes Hybrid V6 TurboValtteri Bottas4th3rd
Felipe Massa7th
2013Williams F1 TeamFW35Renault V8Valtteri Bottas17th9th
Pastor Maldonado18th
2012Williams F1 TeamFW34Renault V8Pastor Maldonado15th8th
Bruno Senna16th
2011AT&T WilliamsFW33Cosworth V8Rubens Barrichello17th9th
Pastor Maldonado19th
2010AT&T WilliamsFW32Cosworth V8 Rubens Barrichello10th6th
Nico Hülkenberg14th
2009AT&T WilliamsFW31Toyota V8Nico Rosberg7th7th
Kazuki Nakajima20th
2008AT&T WilliamsFW30Toyota V8Nico Rosberg13th8th
Kazuki Nakajima15th
2007AT&T WilliamsFW29Toyota V8 Nico Rosberg9th4th
Alexander Wurz11th
Kazuki NakajimaN/A
2006Williams F1 TeamFW28Cosworth V8Mark Webber14th8th
Nico Rosberg17th
2005BMW Williams F1 TeamFW27BMW V10Mark Webber10th5th
Nick Heidfeld11th
Antônio Pizzonia22th
2004BMW Williams F1 TeamFW26BMW V10Juan Pablo Montoya5th4th
Ralf Schumacher9th
Antônio Pizzonia15th
Marc Gené23rd
2003BMW Williams F1 TeamFW25BMW V10Juan Pablo Montoya3rd2nd
Ralf Schumacher5th
Marc Gené17th
2002BMW Williams F1 TeamFW24BMW V10Juan Pablo Montoya3rd2nd
Ralf Schumacher4th
2001BMW Williams F1 TeamFW23BMW V10Ralf Schumacher4th3rd
Juan Pablo Montoya6th
2000BMW Williams F1 TeamFW22BMW V10Ralf Schumacher5th3rd
Jenson Button8th
1999Winfield Williams FW21Supertec V10Ralf Schumacher6th5th
Alessandro ZanardiN/A
1998Winfield Williams FW20Mecachrome V10Jacques Villeneuve5th3rd
Heinz-Harald Frentzen7th
1997Rothmans Williams RenaultFW19Renault V10Jacques Villeneuve1st1st
Heinz-Harald Frentzen2nd
1996Rothmans Williams RenaultFW18Renault V10Damon Hill1st1st
Jacques Villeneuve2nd
1995Rothmans Williams RenaultFW17B
Renault V10Damon Hill2nd2nd
FW17David Coulthard3rd
1994Rothmans Williams RenaultFW16B
Renault V10Damon Hill2nd1st
FW16David Coulthard8th
Nigel Mansell9th
Ayrton SennaN/A
1993Canon Williams Team FW15CRenault V10Alain Prost1st1st
Damon Hill3rd
1992Canon Williams TeamFW14BRenault V10Nigel Mansell1st1st
Riccardo Patrese2nd
1991Canon Williams TeamFW14Renault V10Nigel Mansell2nd2nd
Riccardo Patrese3rd
1990Canon Williams TeamFW13BRenault V10Thierry Boutsen6th4th
Riccardo Patrese7th
1989Canon Williams TeamFW13
Renault V10Riccardo Patrese3rd2nd
FW12CThierry Boutsen5th
1988Canon Williams TeamFW12Judd V8Nigel Mansell9th7th
Riccardo Patrese11th
Martin BrundleN/A
Jean-Louis SchlesserN/A
1987Canon Williams Honda TeamFW11BHonda-V6 TurboNelson Piquet1st1st
Nigel Mansell2nd
Riccardo Patrese13th
1986Canon Williams Honda TeamFW11Honda-V6 TurboNigel Mansell2nd1st
Nelson Piquet3rd
1985Canon Williams Honda TeamFW10Honda-V6 TurboKeke Rosberg3rd3rd
Nigel Mansell6th
1984Williams Grand Prix EngineeringFW09B
Honda-V6 TurboKeke Rosberg8th6th
FW09Jacques Laffite14th
1983TAG Williams Team FW09Honda-V6 TurboKeke Rosberg5th11th
Jacques Laffite11th
TAG Williams Team FW08CFord Cosworth V8Keke Rosberg5th4th
Jonathan PalmerN/A
1982TAG Williams TeamFW08Ford Cosworth V8Keke Rosberg1st4th
FW07CDerek Daly13th
Carlos Reutemann15th
Mario Andretti19th
1981TAG Williams Team
FW07CFord Cosworth V8Carlos Reutemann2nd1st
Albilad-Williams Racing TeamAlan Jones3rd
1980Albilad-Williams Racing TeamFW07B
Ford Cosworth V8Alan Jones1st1st
FW07Carlos Reutemann3rd
1979Albilad-Saudia Racing Team FW07
Ford Cosworth V8Alan Jones3rd2nd
FW06Clay Regazzoni5th
1978Williams Grand Prix EngineeringFW06Ford Cosworth V8Alan Jones11th9th
1977Williams Grand Prix EngineeringMarch 761Ford Cosworth V8Patrick NèveN/AN/A

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